The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide To Decorating Your Christmas Tree Like a Professional Designer

by Bthrust Saeed


Christmas Tree

When talking about celebrating Christmas, you cannot forget about the tree with personalized Christmas ornaments. Although you can easily order a Christmas tree online, the fun gets bigger when everyone in the family comes together and designs a Christmas tree like a professional.

But, how do you do that?

The good news is that with our help, you can learn how to decorate a Christmas tree like a pro with personalized ornaments so that when December rolls around, it will look chic and spectacular.

DIY Christmas Tree Decoration Tips

The manner you choose to decorate your Christmas tree is entirely up to you. There are, however, a few little-known techniques that might help to ease the procedure.

We've gathered tips from expert Christmas tree decorators and interior designers to assist you this year bring your Christmas tree decoration ideas to life. This guide will walk you through the simple steps you may take to decorate your tree.

So, if you're confused about which should be put on first, the ornaments or the lights, or you need assistance making sure your best Christmas decorations are placed properly, let the professionals show you how they do it.

Never-Ever Forget To Fluff Your Artificial Xmas Tree

When it comes to decorating your tree like an expert, planning is essential, just as with any good Christmas decoration idea. If you purchase genuine Christmas trees for your home each year, this step won't be relevant to you. However, if you have one of the greatest artificial Christmas trees, then this is a crucial decorating tip.

The best Christmas décor experts agree that after getting your tree home, you must fluff it out. Especially if your tree is fake, fluff it up. Ensure that all of the branches are evenly spaced out to prevent any significant gaps.

If it's been jammed in a box in the attic all year, this takes some work, but it's worth it because the outcome will be much different.

Fairy Lights Should Be Placed From The Bottom To The Top

Fairy lights are the next stage in enhancing the beauty of your tree since they are the secret to a joyful, magical tree.

At Makezbright, we round the tree with them from bottom to top. To cover the entire tree, try to wrap them up and down each limb. And here's a pro tip: Before attaching the lights to the tree, make sure they are all functional.

More lights are always better for your Christmas tree design. We usually advise purchasing a pre-lit Christmas tree if you can. The fact that all the lights are already there and perfectly placed makes things much simpler.

If you want to select or use your lights, we do recommend purchasing three to four sets of warm white lights to cover the entire Christmas tree.

Warm white lights are undoubtedly preferred by our designers at Makezbright for the majority of trees, but colorful lights may also look great if you want to go full-out kitsch. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that we often need 3–4 sets to cover a standard 6–foot tree.

Fill Up Any Gaps With More Foliage And Ribbons

There will inevitably be holes in your tree, no matter how well you've fluffed it or how full it may be—especially if it's a real fir tree. Briggs asserts that adding some more design items and greenery sprigs to your tree is a fantastic method to address this problem.

Your creativity is the only restriction on what you may add. The greatest Christmas wreaths often include eucalyptus, which gives a nice aroma, as well as silk flowers or berries, which offer lovely color and texture.

If you want to give your tree a colorful yet traditional look, now is also an excellent time to add ribbon. To avoid moving any ornaments and to make sure the ribbon blends well with the fairy lights already on your tree, it is best to do this before and after hanging your lights.

Collect ribbons in a variety of sizes and hues for your tree. Three to four different kinds of ribbon are advised for a polished look. For the best results, we recommend alternating between thinner ribbon types and broader widths.

Hanging Custom Ornaments

Choosing and placing your decorations is undoubtedly the next and most crucial step in our instruction on how to decorate a Christmas tree. You might find it useful to categorize your items into core decorations, hero ornaments, and traditional nostalgic extras.

It's time to determine which of your ornaments are your main decorations, assuming the kids aren't participating. Spread out all of your ornaments on the dining room table.

To make the ultimate show-stopping tree, use a range of sizes, shapes, and finishes. If you're not sure what color to go with, we suggest going with a metallic one to give any space a timeless sheen and elegance.

After deciding on your main decorations, hang them on the branches of the tree that are closest to the trunk.

To add some flair to the remainder of the tree, go for your favorite, bolder decorations next.

Considering your choice and mood this holiday season, it's beautiful to mix and match your tree ornaments by combining trend-setting items with sentimental and old family relics.

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