Birthday Gift Ideas

7 products

    7 products

    If you are long for some unique birthday gifts for your loved ones, Makez Bright is here to help you with this. We have a range of birthday products available for all, from children to adults. Let’s celebrate their birthday by blowing out candles and making it a bit more special with our birthday gift ideas.

    We aim to provide the best quality, durable and long-lasting products and will definitely serve as a sign of remembrance all year long.

    Our wide range of innovative birthday gift ideas outclass in quality and have 100% customer satisfaction.

    How to make your birthday gifts a bit more special? This is the question that the majority of clients ask. The answer is that you can make your gifts extra special and eyecatching by putting in some extra effort. This will make the recipient feel special and loved. Besides this, you can find all the best birthday gift ideas on-page.

    Looking for birthday gift ideas that are as unique as the recipients? We have a range of products that you can choose from. If you want to do something appealing, try to go beyond the typical store-bought birthday gifts.

    Our products include

    • Customized t-shirts

    You can get customized t-shirts according to your taste with the logo, design, and text written in any color and design of your own choice.

    • Mugs

    With our customized mugs, show your affection and love to the birthday person and make him special.

    • Ornaments

    Get uniquely customized ornaments that people will cherish for years.

    • Keychains

    Make a selection from our customized key chain collection after analyzing the taste and personality of the recipient.

    • Bags

    You can also surprise them with customized bags with their names, photos, or favorite quotation printed on them.

    • Personalized Pillows

    If you are searching for a delightful gift for your special ones in your life, all you need to do is consider their style and taste. Add their favorite memory, picture, or quote and make the gift special.

     Makez Bright offers you the chance to get the best quality gifts delivered to your doorstep. All you require is to place your order and fill in the personal information.

    We are offering

    • Birthday gifts for kids
    • Birthday gifts for parents
    • Birthday gifts for friends
    • Birthday gifts for colleagues
    • Birthday gifts for grandparents
    • Birthday gifts for siblings


    Based on 17284 reviews
    Customer service is frustrating

    The bears are cute, however 1 of the 4 bears came with numerous chips. I expected a better quality from a $40 toy, so I contacted their customer service team asking for a replacement bear to be sent to my address. I received a reply saying that they need to carry on investigation with their manufacturing distribution. It's been over 2 weeks now and I haven't heard back. It's not like they are a space shuttle factory so I am not sure why it takes that much to investigate the simple case or what there is to investigate at all, as it was clear from the picture that the bear was defective, so a replacement should've been sent asap. Conclusion: the idea is good, the execution and customer service are poor.


    this ornament is a special gift and truly classy.

    In memory

    Friends for 57 years. I had to get this one in memory of our bestie who died 3 years ago. This is just beautiful. Better than expected.

    Christmas Gift

    I bought this for a friend and her family. She received it a few days ago and was so happy and loved the product. I also bought one for my daughter and her family. Will be giving it for Christmas.

    Build quality not as good as the first order's

    I received this order of three puzzles, and I'm very disappointed with the build quality of all three puzzles on this order. As you can see in the attached picture, the pieces do not mesh the way that they should, and the puzzle is very loose; the heart touches only on its bottom. These three were ordered because the product that was delivered on an earlier order was made very well. I guess I made a bad mistake...

    This is so cute!!

    I really love these (I bought three) but why would you put a sticker on these that is hard to get off? They are on all three? I wish you would have put them on the plastic wrap they came in instead of the actual piece it self 😞

    Brother and Sisters

    Near or far forever in my heart.

    Awesome gift

    I cannot wait to give these ornaments to my girlfriends this Christmas I love them.

    Top !

    La tasse est magnifique ! Merci ❤️

    Sister Mug

    I’m completely in love, I’m so excited when my sister get there’s mug.


    I love this. It’s such a lovely Xmas present for friends


    It’s so cute!! I love that it’s plastic, we have little kids messing with the tree all the time. My friends loved theirs too!!

    Welcoming gift

    I love it. It was a bit late, but it was not their fault. It was a Shippy's fault. It got lost, but they helped me locate and track where my item was. I am happy with their customer service. And I definitely 100% loved the bears. And I'm looking forward to buying future products happy holidays.

    Friend Ornament

    My friends loved their ornament. They said it was the best gift they could receive.

    Brother and Sisters Love

    I love the mugs and so does everyone I have given one. The only problem is I have to keep adding wings! Love the large handle to pick up - makes it so easy! Great gifts for all occasions!

    Xmas ornament

    When I placed the order, I was given a date (about 3weeks later) to my surprise I received it a week earlier. I love it. Item came as described, in good condition. Will definitely order from you again.
    Thank you


    Loved my bears, great quality, just stunning, an amazing gift for those you love :)

    Here are the pictures that you asked me for before, when I said that my ornament was broken but that I glued it

    Very nice. Just thought it would be larger

    The whole family love it. Didn't realise how small it is but we are very pleased 😁


    Prodotto fatto bene in ogni sua parte....A+++

    Very Nicely done!

    I was very pleased with the quality and look of the ornament. The colors are bright and the ornament is clear. I can’t wait to give them to my Grandchildren for Christmas!


    This is so beautiful, a real keepsake for sure

    I Love it!

    I bought this for my boys because their Dad passed this year. They'll always have this Ornament to include their Dad in the Christmas tree decorating. Thank you!