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Family - A Piece Of My Heart Is In Heaven - Personalized Bracelet

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Celebrate the enduring presence of a loved one with our Personalized Photo Heart Bracelet – a heartfelt memorial gift that encapsulates the sentiment, "A piece of my heart is in heaven" In times of remembrance, this bracelet serves as a tangible reminder of the everlasting bond and the enduring spirit of those we hold dear.
Crafted with care, the bracelet features customizable printing, allowing you to immortalize a cherished photo alongside the comforting words. This thoughtful combination transforms the bracelet into a wearable tribute, bringing solace and strength to those who wear it.
Whether as a memorial gift for a friend or family member, this bracelet provides a tangible connection to the memories and love shared with the departed. Honor their legacy with a meaningful and comforting keepsake, offering a touch of solace and a constant reminder that their presence lives on.

MESSAGE: A piece of my heart is in heaven.


  • Material: Stainless steel.
  • Chain length: 20 cm.
  • Cardioid: 23.5 mm.
  • Color: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold.
  • Features: UV printing.
  • Printed on 1 side.
Ships in safe packaging with a keepsake bag to store for years to come. Store in a cool, dry place when not in use.
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