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    11 products

    Create your personalized cups now

    Cups are a must-have item in every home, office, and hotel. They can now be customized into various styles and designs for different occasions. You can get custom cups for your parties, gatherings, office events, birthday celebrations, and reunions.

    Why choose us?

    • Get your customized cup
    • Variety of styles and sizes
    • Different designs
    • Variety of colors

    We have a variety of cups available to get customized your preferred styles and designs. If you are looking for cups for your Christmas party or business party, having some nice custom cups that complement the theme will create a lasting impression.

    You can readily scroll through our website to get some great ideas. We have a variety of cups in metal, plastic, ceramic material, with and without the lids. A range of reusable mugs is available that can be easily customized according to your wishes. Whatever the event, there is something for everyone at Makez Bright. So what are you waiting for? Complete your order now, and get nice personalized cups in your kitchen.

    Our Custom cups are available in 

    • Different styles and designs

    Looking for some nice mugs that are durable and long-lasting? We have a range of mugs with the best quality imported plastic that you can choose from. We confirm that our products will last long without cracking and color fading.

    • Various styles

    At Makez Bright, there are a variety of styles that can match your taste. Everything is available on our website if you look for straight-to-round custom cups. We offer cups in various shapes, sizes, designs, lids, and straws. So, order your perfect cup today.

    We have

    • Plastic cups with lids
    • Plastic cups without lids
    • Ceramic cups
    • Metal cups
    • Party cups
    • Styrofoam mugs
    • Coffee muds
    • Tea mugs
    • Juice Glasses
    • Cartoon cups
    • Family cups set
    • Christmas cups
    • Fit for every occasion

    Our custom cups are reliable, durable, and fit for every occasion. Whether you are looking for party cups to Christmas celebration personalized cups, we have a range available. You can also give them as a giveaway gift to your guests, making a long-lasting memory.

    • Travel custom cups

     If you are searching for some travel cups that are easy to carry, Makez bright provides you with the best of all travel mugs and cups. You can customize them in various designs, add your picture or travel destination, quotes, or anything you like.

    • Free assistance

    If you are looking for any service or help, you can easily contact our team. Our team members are available 24/7 for your support and immediately resolve your issues. If you have any questions regarding your custom cup designs or styles, contact us and get in touch with our team members now.


    Based on 17295 reviews

    this ornament is a special gift and truly classy.

    In memory

    Friends for 57 years. I had to get this one in memory of our bestie who died 3 years ago. This is just beautiful. Better than expected.

    Christmas Gift

    I bought this for a friend and her family. She received it a few days ago and was so happy and loved the product. I also bought one for my daughter and her family. Will be giving it for Christmas.

    Build quality not as good as the first order's

    I received this order of three puzzles, and I'm very disappointed with the build quality of all three puzzles on this order. As you can see in the attached picture, the pieces do not mesh the way that they should, and the puzzle is very loose; the heart touches only on its bottom. These three were ordered because the product that was delivered on an earlier order was made very well. I guess I made a bad mistake...

    This is so cute!!

    I really love these (I bought three) but why would you put a sticker on these that is hard to get off? They are on all three? I wish you would have put them on the plastic wrap they came in instead of the actual piece it self 😞

    Brother and Sisters

    Near or far forever in my heart.

    Awesome gift

    I cannot wait to give these ornaments to my girlfriends this Christmas I love them.

    Top !

    La tasse est magnifique ! Merci ❤️

    Sister Mug

    I’m completely in love, I’m so excited when my sister get there’s mug.


    I love this. It’s such a lovely Xmas present for friends


    It’s so cute!! I love that it’s plastic, we have little kids messing with the tree all the time. My friends loved theirs too!!

    Welcoming gift

    I love it. It was a bit late, but it was not their fault. It was a Shippy's fault. It got lost, but they helped me locate and track where my item was. I am happy with their customer service. And I definitely 100% loved the bears. And I'm looking forward to buying future products happy holidays.

    Friend Ornament

    My friends loved their ornament. They said it was the best gift they could receive.

    Brother and Sisters Love

    I love the mugs and so does everyone I have given one. The only problem is I have to keep adding wings! Love the large handle to pick up - makes it so easy! Great gifts for all occasions!

    Xmas ornament

    When I placed the order, I was given a date (about 3weeks later) to my surprise I received it a week earlier. I love it. Item came as described, in good condition. Will definitely order from you again.
    Thank you


    Loved my bears, great quality, just stunning, an amazing gift for those you love :)

    Here are the pictures that you asked me for before, when I said that my ornament was broken but that I glued it

    Very nice. Just thought it would be larger

    The whole family love it. Didn't realise how small it is but we are very pleased 😁


    Prodotto fatto bene in ogni sua parte....A+++

    Very Nicely done!

    I was very pleased with the quality and look of the ornament. The colors are bright and the ornament is clear. I can’t wait to give them to my Grandchildren for Christmas!


    This is so beautiful, a real keepsake for sure

    I Love it!

    I bought this for my boys because their Dad passed this year. They'll always have this Ornament to include their Dad in the Christmas tree decorating. Thank you!

    Beautiful Ornaments

    They were packed very well and they also have a film that is on both sides so no damage. They are beautiful and just what I expected! I bought this on for me and I also bought 6 of the siblings ones for my siblings for Christmas. Can't wait to see them!!